My friend Richard astutely pointed out that I might consider personalizing my blog more. Speaking from my own experience and heart about things I am thinking about and observing, rather then just intellectual ranting. I started this blog to talk about large scale patterns and themes I see perpetuating in the social collective. I agree with my friend, and so…

A lot of what seems to be happening in the world right now, as a part of these incoherent and chaotic economic times, is really quite confusing to a lot of people, myself included. When I started this Blog I decided I wanted to look at the bigger picture, rather then the surface details, as that appears to me to be where we all get stuck. It feels to me like the world has so much access to immediate visceral information and no clear sense of what to do with it all. I also noticed a trend, an evolving pattern, where News gets posted and the invisible masses now have access to a forum of vituperative invective, through which they can voice their dissatisfaction or collective angst and confrontational opinion, but that not a lot of the language was geared towards change or solution.

So I decided to take a step back and look at what I choose do with my own life, where do I focus my passion and intention, to see what it is that I am actually doing and then assess those observations with the question in mind: “Why do we think that what we do with our lives is so important?”

Essentially I have devoted my soul and life journey to exploring and participating in learning about different ways to vibrate. I like things that vibrate. (Please keep your minds out of the gutter here…lol)…but in fact, I do happen to speak well the language of vibration, in certain dialects. I essentially speak in a certain form of math. Intuitively, without formulas and theorems, I speak the language of cumulative, non-language based vibration sequence. I tend to orient well within a 4 dimensional topography of interacting vibrational energetic states. I play guitar. I record and manipulate sound to be disseminated later. I have spent most of my life learning this language, learning this craft, not so much because I want to, but apparently some soul aspect of who I am needs to do this, in a way that is as essential to me as breathing or eating. I know a lot of folks who have devoted their lives to this exact same path. I also know some are committed because of the economic agenda and some like myself submit to the will of this harsh mistress like a religious calling or any other vocation that requires certain surrender to an unseen but definitely heard pull towards some ineffable outcome. I once described being a professional musician wanting a steady career and liveliehood being akin to consistently placing your hand on a hot stove and expecting a blowjob. You get burned but you keep putting your hand back on that stove thinking the next time, ahhh the next time…but seriously…

I went the other night to the Nokia Theater and watched Jeff Beck play guitar. As I often do in large gatherings, I disengaged from the experience to look around and observe people sharing the experience. I had an insight that they were all collectively sharing the language of the story being told, they were immersed in this vibrational unfolding of emotion and energy that was all math and skill, art and science. The physics involved, the amplified instruments, the vibrating strings and frequency range of the guitar and the bass, the symmetric distribution of the drums and subdivision of the 4th dimension into discreet groupings, the elegant colors and sonorities, expressed as decoded binary conversions, keyboards making sounds entirely constructed of imagined digital waveforms, the displacement of energy and increase in amplitude, the physics of the sympathetic vibrations and standing waves pulsing through me, the huge volumes of displaced air thrumming with low frequency oscillations, and the connected consciousness shared by the connection between Jeff beck and the audience. As I looked around I again paused and asked myself; “Why is this communal connection important? Why is this so compelling to so many of us?”

We, as musicians, explore a literal 4 dimensional topography and we, as a species have come to relate imagistic and emotional aspects and attributes to various sequences and formulae. It is really quite extraordinary that a frequency based vibrational relationship can evoke so much response. It seems logical that vibration can connect us to the ineffable pervasive universal mystery, as that is essentially what physical reality is. What fascinates me is this particular spectrum that music and audible sound and language inhabits.

I am part of a community of individuals who have ostensibly devoted their lives to pursue their internal connection with and through vibration. I inherently recognize this requirement, this calling, that, like a lover’s embrace, or a religious epiphany, that calls so many to a path that requires no less then the same pursuit, passion and fidelity. as any deep religious calling. Now, in these uncertain times I find myself fighting to survive, fighting for my right to vibrate. I find myself fighting for excellence and against mediocrity. So the answer to my question seems to be it is so important to so many because it connects us to something deeper and more meaningful then the surface agenda that our artificial construct of a social consensus has created, and connects us to the ineffable aspect of soul and life that is so missing from the global cultural imagination, or lack thereof. So I shall continue to support those who explore vibration in its many forms and will fight for the right to vibrate!

Any thoughts?